About the University of Georgia Graduate School

University of GeorgiaGraduate studies at the University of Georgia began in the nineteenth century, well before the formal establishment of the Graduate School in 1910. The major expansion of faculty and facilities at the graduate level occurred after World War II and especially in the 1950s and 1960s. In the early 2000s, the Graduate School has been instrumental in developing interdisciplinary degree and certificate programs and offers an increasing number of professional development opportunities to enrich the learning experience for graduate students. The Graduate School has also established a formal development effort to build an endowment to financially support our University’s brightest, but often poorest, students and to continue the tradition of recruiting excellent graduate students and faculty. The Graduate School supports students in all graduate programs across the 15 other colleges and schools at the University.

The increase in international competition for intellectual resources has underscored the need for the United States to have a highly educated leadership and workforce. The Graduate School supports the University of Georgia’s three-pronged mission: building the new learning environment, maximizing research opportunities and competing in a global economy.  As it nears its centennial, the Graduate School will continue to encourage an intellectually challenging atmosphere in which individuals transform from graduate students to tomorrow’s leaders, innovators, educators, and visionaries.

The Graduate School

  • supports annually approximately 300 graduate students through assistantships and fellowships;
  • assists graduate students financially in such additional areas as thesis and dissertation writing, leadership development, study abroad and travel for academic presentations or data collection;
  • provides professional development seminars;
  • administers a teaching portfolio program;
  • offers 27 certificate programs to add onto a master’s or doctoral degree, including the Certificate in University Teaching.


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