Funding is an important aspect of your graduate education experience. 

There are many different types and sources of funding available to assist graduate students in meeting their educational needs:

  • national competitive fellowships,
  • Graduate School and departmental assistantships,
  • targeted grants that assist with dissertation research,
  • conference travel,
  • financial hardship,
  • and more!

The following information is provided to help prospective and current students understand the wide range of funding opportunities available through the UGA Graduate Education community: the Graduate School, departments and other campus units, and external sources.

Explore all of the options that match your needs and disciplinary focus:
  • Funding From Departments and Colleges
  • Assistantships
    • Graduate assistantships, which provide a stipend, are awarded annually on a competitive basis to qualified graduate students. These require part-time teaching, research, or other academic duties defined by their department. Assistantships are normally awarded on a one-third time basis or higher. One-third time indicates that the student must work 13 hours per week in the awarding unit, normally their department. Assistantships also require the individual to be enrolled as a full-time student with a course load of at least twelve graduate credit hours in fall and spring semesters and nine graduate credit hours in summer. Assistantships are awarded either as a Graduate School Assistantship or a Departmental Assistantship.
  • Funding From the Graduate School
  • Graduate School Travel Grants
  • Scholarships & Fellowships
    • Scholarships and fellowships are awards to students that may be based on academic achievement, teaching, or financial need. Scholarships and fellowships may be available from the Graduate School and academic department as well as from external private, non-profit, and government organizations.
  • Research Grants
  • External Funding
    • External fellowships and grants are awards, which emphasize specific areas of study and recognize outstanding research, can an important source of funding as well as provide valuable professional development. 
Financial Hardship
The following funds are available should you encounter financial hardship when you are enrolled at UGA:


Applicants wishing to be considered for financial assistance should ensure that their application materials for admission to the Graduate School and their department are completed early, generally by the end of December. The earlier the completion of the application process the more likely the student will be considered for a financial award by their department.

The Graduate School Assistantship competition begins at the end of February and only students who are fully admitted to the department and the Graduate School can be considered. Departmental assistantships are awarded beginning in March. Students who have not completed the application process will not be considered for financial support.

We hope this helps you with your funding search and we look forward to seeing you around campus!




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